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7 November 2007 - I have literally over a thousand new photographs to prepare and upload taken between the end of July 2007 and November 2007. The weather has been so phenomenally good that I've spent all my available time outside of my Mon-Fri job out taking photographs of bridges, trains, towers, and foliage. These new photographs will gradually appear over the next couple months or so. These photos have been selected from the tens of thousands of pictures I have snapped in the last few months.

FLOODS! Shawsheen and Merrimack Rivers - Look at these photos of flooded roads and bridges! - 15 May 2006

Sagamore Bridge - Nice collection of new Sagamore Bridge photographs - 15 May 2006

Forgotten N.H. Photos - Just a handful of pics from an August 2004 trip to Meredith, N.H. dusted off and posted. They include Hart's Turkey Farm, a concrete overpass and a bright red Alco switcher. - 4 April 2006

New April Stuff! - I just spent all of Sunday evening around Boston taking new night shots of the CITGO sign, the Charlesgate Overpass and other fun things. - 3 April 2006

CITGO Sign at Night - 3 April 2006

March 2006 - Summary of recent updates

Restored 2002 photos - I'm correctly reprocessing my 2001-2003 photographs so that they look much better. Hope you notice the improvements.
Restored 2001 photos - Here's 2001. 2003 is done too. All the old photos are now properly sized.

California - This is a collection in and around Los Angeles including shots of the Pacific Coast Highway, Santa Monica and the five-level stack at the 110 and 105.
Newburyport - Discovered some non-road scenic photos that I took in September 2004 and they have been added to my Newburyport collection.
Lowell -Photos from Sept 2004 of Lowell's canals and railroad artifacts have been added to the Lowell collection.

Interstate 195 - Braga Bridge in Fall River, Massachusetts biggest, longest bridge.
Route 1A, Revere - Route 1A in Revere, formerly Route C1, a divided highway built in the 1930s to connect Boston to the North Shore via the Sumner Tunnel
Route 24 - Overpass photos of bridges built in the early 1950s
Route 79 - Route 79 in Fall River is a double-decked bridge along the Taunton River
Northeast Expressway - Northeast Expressway in Revere
Morrissey Boulevard bridge over the Neponset River -
Bell System Microwave Towers - Photos of old microwave towers used from the 1950s-1990s to relay long-distance telephone and network television broadcasts before the days of satellites and fiberoptic cables.

February 2006 - Summary of recent updates

Lawrence, Massachusetts - New photos of the mills and canals in Lawrence.
New Route 128 photos in Burlington - Photos of the South Bedford Street overpass

27 January 2006 - U.S. Route 1 - New photos in Saugus and Revere

24 January 2006 - New Additions:
Interstate 293, New Hampshire - All new material!
Interstate 93, New Hampshire - Dozens of new photos
Dozens of new New Hampshire bridge photos!

January 2006 - Summary of recent updates

50 States of Bridge Data! - National Bridge Inventory
My National Bridge Inventory Database now covers all 50 states! Find detailed information about any overpass right here.

Massachusetts Traffic Counts
New - Traffic counts on major Massachusetts roads in a searchable database. Data covers 1995-2004.

I've added bridge stats to the main photo pages for at-a-glance bridge facts.

A desktop image of the Zakim Bridge is available for free for your own personal use.

New Highway and Bridge Photos
New Route 128 photos, concentrating on remnants of the old 128 in Weston.
Massachusetts TurnpikeNew photos of the Massachusetts Turnpike Extension.
Route 213 in Methuen
Route 119
Route 31
Route 2
Route 16 in the White Mountains.

28 October 2004 - Check the main page for New Stuff. I keep my latest photographs in the sections organized by month on the left-hand side of the main page.

I do have some new photo galleries up including the Kancamagus Highway. Check the Highway Name drop-down list at the bottom of the main page for new material.

I have a few foliage shots in the pipeline here and finally some shots of Route 213. They're coming soon. I also have a new job, finally, so I'll have slightly less time for taking pictures but more money for buying things like food and electricity. On the plus side my new work keeps me close to transportation in Massachusetts.

Newburyport - 2 June 2004
Newburyport is a beautiful port city on the mouth of the Merrimack River that underwent an amazing urban renewal in the 1970s. Transformed from an abandoned port city in the 1960s to an active harbor today, Newburyport features shopping, dining and boating in a restored downtown district. My pictures of Newburyport highlight some of the great features of the city:

  • Market Square and downtown shopping area
  • U.S. Route 1 drawbridge built in 1976 to replace a narrow, low truss
  • Chain Bridge, functional and historic suspension bridge
  • U.S. Route 1 passes through the city on an urban expressway built in 1934, one of the first highways of its kind
  • The Boardwalk, built in 1977 and recently reconstructed in 2002 along the harbor
  • John Greenleaf Whittier Bridge (1954)- Arch truss bridge over the Merrimack

Lawrence - 4 June 2004
Lawrence is a historic textile mill city along the Merrimack River featuring giant brick mill buildings and the enormous clock tower on Ayer Mill. My photographs of Lawrence show the mills and bridges that cast long shadows over the canals and rivers, and the railroad that passes though carrying freight, Amtrak and commuter trains.

Guilford Rail System / Springfield Terminal - 4 June 2004
I've taken some new Guilford Rail System photographs, see them here.

I've been negligent about posting site updates here. In short, I've updated just about everything. Everything is New!
Here's the short list:

New, Improved Search Engine! May 2004
This new search engine interface includes drop-down lists of all railroads and roadways I have pictures of. This is a massive improvement because so much stuff was hiding because it wasn't directly accessible on a custom-written page. Now I have categories in my photo database that includes this railroad or roadname info, so as soon as I upload it, it's available. There is so much new or old unseen stuff in here you just have to try the new search and find it.

My Best Photographs
Here is the first place to go to find the best stuff to browse though. It is all available for secure purchasing online. It is an assortment of trains, bridges, skylines and anything else that came out just right. I have more Boston stuff in there right now and some night photography which is a favorite category of mine.

This is a list of new bridge and highway photos that now have pages:
Cape Cod Canal Bridges
Daniel Webster Highway, New Hampshire
Leonard Zakim Bridge Collection
Longfellow Bridge over the Charles River Basin, Boston
McGrath Highway, Somerville
Memorial Drive, Cambridge
Route 146 in Millbury and Sutton, Mass.
Route 63, Rev. Carey Highway between Millers Falls and Amherst, Mass.
Route 67, Warren and Brookfield, Mass.
Route 9 in Framingham, Natick and Newton
U.S. Route 20 and Southwest Cutoff in Worcester

I've taken heaps of new train and railroad shots. All my R.R. pages have been redesigned:
Amtrak Downeaster
CSX Transportation
Guilford Rail System / Springfield Terminal
MBTA - Green Line
MBTA Commuter Rail / Mass Bay Commuter Rail - Lowell Line
MBTA Commuter Rail / Mass Bay Commuter Rail - Newburyport/Rockport
MBTA Commuter Rail / Mass Bay Commuter Rail - North Station
MBTA Commuter Rail / Mass Bay Commuter Rail - Reading/Haverhill
New Hampshire Northcoast
Providence and Worcester Railroad

Beautiful Photographs for sale
The best photographs from Massroads and Granitehighways are available for sale. I have a professional photo lab that puts these onto Kodak paper and ships them out for me in a bunch of different sizes. These prints look awesome framed, and I've got a bunch of them on my walls at home. I have photos of bridges, trains and scenic Boston shots available now.

Also new for June 2004 is a Comments and Photo Request Form at the bottom of my image pages. Use this form to ask about a picture or requestan estimate of purchase rates for publishing if you want to use it for a brochure or web site.

Here are galleries of new Railroad pictures of CSX and the Providence and Worcester:

Providence and Worcester Railroad - 23 March 2004

CSX Transportation - 23 March 2004

Demolition of the High Bridge over the Charles River in Boston - 4 March 2004

Route 111 Relocation, Windham and Salem, New Hampshire - 27 February 2004

Construction is underway on the Route 111 relocation in Windham and Salem. This new segment of Route 111 will connect the existing improved sections of roadway east of North Salem and west of Interstate 93 to form a continuous highway from Hudson to Kingston, and bypass a dangerous and congested intersection with Route 28 in Salem.

MDC River Roads at Night - Storrow Drive and Memorial Drive - 24 February 2004

Storrow Drive and Memorial Drive are quite photogenic at night. Check out this new collection of photographs!

Boston Skyline and Roads at Night - 24 February 2004

Routes 11 and 4 Interchange, Andover, N.H. - 23 February 2004

This standalone rural interchange was built in the 1950s as part of a Route 11 relocation project.

20 Feb 2004 - New Beginnings. I've been putting together some collections of photographs from the past year, which has been for both very good and bad reasons, frantic. Enjoy these new galleries:

Guilford Rail System in New Hampshire

This gallery has been replenished with fresh photographs of Springfield Terminal motion.

Interstate 93 Viaduct, Somerville

Old I-93 gallery with a new photo.

Northeast Expressway including the Tobin Bridge and the unused rotary ramp bridges.

This gallery includes brand new Tobin Bridge pictures and some night shots of the rotary and overpasses in Revere. Neat stuff!

MBTA Commuter Rail - Rockport Branch

This existing gallery has been updated with a new shot of the Mystic River Bridge.

MBTA Orange Line

I've added new photos of Orange Line trains on Dana Bridge over the Mystic River.

Central Artery Demolition

I can't believe how fast the Central Artery is coming down! These shots catch the demolition as Downtown Boston undergoes the stunning transformation!

Salem, Massachusetts Interchanges

Salem has an interesting early-1950s vintage standalone highway interchange and a new four-lane bridge with an unconnected highway stub. I've documented the current state of these artifacts in a city that will always remain disconnected from the state highway network.

Route 140

Route 140 north of Route 2 near Gardner is a useful bypass for traffic going to the Keene area of New Hampshire, and is a quality two-lane arterial. Built in two parts, north of Gardner in 1955 and east of Gardner in 1980, this forms a complete route from Route 2 to Winchendon. This road also includes a rare example of a center passing lane in Massachusetts.

Merrimack River Bridges

This is my gallery of bridges over the Merrimack River

Interstate 93, Massachusetts

I've added a photograph of the North Woburn flyover ramps.

New Hampshire Northcoast Railroad - NHN - 10 February 2004

This entirely new gallery features recent photographs of the New Hampshire Northcoast Railroad. This shortline brings sand from Ossipee Aggregates to Dover where Guilford Rail System picks up the train to bring it to Boston. These are my first photographs of this line in action.

3 May 2003 - Goodbye, Old Man. New Hampshire's Old Man of the Mountain Profile, a natural granite ledge formation, fell from its perch on Franconia Notch last night. The Old Man serves as a symbol of the State of New Hampshire and is the form outlined on New Hampshire route number signs. The Profile is also on the head of the turnpike tokens planned to be phased out next year. The Old Man was visible from the Franconia Notch Parkway.

Central Artery Tunnel Opening 30 March 2003

Here is a gallery of photographs from the just-opened Central Artery Northbound Tunnel. The morning was cold and grey, so the pictures are, well, cold and grey. Nice to finally have some new photos online though.

This spring I will be adding more new pictures of roads and trains. An unusually cold winter, unexpected business travelling, changing residences, and trying not to look like a picture-taking abdullah under code orange has really put a cramp in my photography lately.

The good news is that I now live within earshot and walking distance of Springfield Terminal District 2, I'm considering a new digital camera, and the warm weather is coming soon.

Route 1-A, New Hampshire Seacoast 15 January 2003

I added more photographs from last fall to my Route 1-A Ocean Boulevard page. These extra photos further illustrate why Route 1-A is one of the most scenic drives in New Hampshire.

12 January 2003 - On Saturday I added fifty new photographs taken on Cape Ann and the North Shore. Some have been included in updates to the following pages:

U.S. Route 1

Route 128 - North Shore

Route 128 - Cape Ann

MBTA Commuter Rail - Rockport Line

Guilford Rail System in the Snow 5 January 2003

I had my camera with me when this westbound Guilford freight passed by. I chased it to Tewksbury for some crisp snow photos. Enjoy. Two have been added to my Guilford Rail System gallery here:

Guilford Rail System gallery- Massachusetts

Last month I spent some time playing with night photography. Here are some results:

Night Photos!

Amtrak Downeaster Modified 29 November 2002

I put four new photos in my Downeaster gallery, including two from North Station last night.

MBTA Commuter Rail - North Station Modified 29 November 2002

I was just at North Station taking some dazzling night photographs of trains and the new Zakim Bridge and I couldn't wait to put a few of them in my North Station page.

28 November 2002 - I've added some new pages including Route 101 between Keene and Milford, some railroad photos, and I added some pictures to my Route 128 pages too.

Route 1A and the New Hampshire Seacoast - One of my favorite drives!

Railroad Photos in New Hampshire

Route 101, east and west

MBTA Orange Line

Route 16, White Mountain Highway - some new photos

Route 128, some new pictures

National Bridge Inventory Modified 4 November 2002

The Bridge Database may now be searched by Year Built and by the bridge design and the construction materials used. This major improvement makes bridge searches much more flexible and interesting. For example, queries can now be constructed for masonry arch bridges or for bridges built between 1955 and 1959. Try searching for covered bridges which will be classified as timber through truss bridges.

Guilford Rail System Modified 23 October 2002

Here is a new page of photographs featuring Guilford Rail System trains and locomotives at the popular railfanning locations like East Deerfield and Ayer.

23 Oct 2002 - Over the past couple of weeks I've made a few improvements to the websites, and I have included New York State in the NBI database, allowing bridge data lookups for all New York bridges. The photo database is now up to 1,973 pictures and I put the photo search query at the bottom of all my pages. Lately I've been out taking lots of pictures before the weather gets sour. I'll have new galleries up over the next few weeks, but all the new photos are in the database now so look around.

National Bridge Inventory Modified 13 October 2002

I upgraded my bridge database to the 2001 National Bridge Inventory from the 1999 version and added some new features to the record pages for each bridge. Here is a sample page featuring the beautiful but troubled Whittier Bridge over the Merrimack River. There are more than 200 new bridges in the database and the pages include my photographs of over 600 bridges.

Mid-Cape Highway Added 18 Sep 2002

This new gallery includes recent photographs of the Mid-Cape Highway which forms the transportation spine of Cape Cod between Sandwich and Provincetown. This road has some handsome bridges and is representative of the best of the concrete-frame overpasses that Massachusetts was building in the early-1950s.

Revere Beach Parkway Added 16 Sep 2002

This is an expansion of my Revere Beach Parkway photo collection. It includes three photos of the bridge over Broadway where the original concrete frame was widened by building a cheap steel-beam bridge along one side to accomodate more lanes.

Route 1A - East Boston Expressway, McClellan Highway, North Shore Road Added 16 Sep 2002

This series of photographs is the result of a Saturday morning in East Boston and Revere. I like the way these pictures came out. I had been planning to add these to my collection for a long time. Enjoy.

MBTA Orange Line Added 9 Sep 2002

This is a gallery of photographs in the Wellington area showing a few important things like the railyard, a couple views of the bridge over the Mystic River and track configuration near Wellington Station.

Charles River Bridge Walk Added 26 August 2002

This is a collection of my photos from the Mother's Day Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge Walk back in May.

Central Artery Tunnel Walk Added 26 August 2002

A portion of the completed Central Artery northbound tunnel was opened to hundreds of thousands of walkers on the afternoon of 25 August. This is my collection of photos from the event.

NBI Bridge Database Query Bridge Types - Modified 17 August 2002

I added bridge diagrams to the NBI result output page to illustrate the bridge type of each result item. It's intended to be used to identify bridges at a glance. It's also quite useful for picking out covered bridges, masonry arches and other interesting bridge types.

5 August 2002 - Quebec!

This new material falls outside the scope of my websites, but I like these photos and think they're interesting enough to include here. Included are snapshots of A-55 construction and a bunch from the Quebec City area.

Autoroute 55 - Construction of four-lane expansion

Autoroute 73 - Pierre Laporte Bridge

Autoroute 40

Autoroute Laurentienne

Autoroute 440

Wildcat Branch Modified 18 July 2002

I updated the Wildcat Branch page with a couple new pictures showing the interlocking on the New Hampshire Route. One picture shows the Downeaster #685 waiting on the south end of the interlocking for the late MBTA #236 out of Haverhill to get though. Another photo shows the Downeaster passing the MBTA #336, also stopped waiting for #236. I also added one new photo to the Amtrak Downeaster page.

Hillsborough Branch, New Hampshire New 16 July 2002

Here are some of my photos of the beautiful Hillsborough Branch in Milford and Wilton, including pics of recent work on the Route 101A crossing in Amherst. Guilford is doing the rehab work on the branch. Unfortunately I haven't taken any photos of the Milford and Bennington RR operating on the line. (I do have a 35mm slide of their wrecked caboose a few years back though, maybe I'll get it scanned.)

11 July 2002 - I took a bunch of new MBTA and Amtrak pictures today in Wilmington. The following pages have been updated with fresh new photographs:

MBTA Lowell Line

Wildcat Branch

Amtrak Downeaster

Photograph database search engine Modified 8 July 2002

The photograph search engine and query form has been improved. I have added a drop-down list of valid places and cities in the database and I fixed the route number query so that it is reliable. It is now much easier to find photographs, especially if you know where you are looking or if you're looking for a hint where to browse. is now open with a brief selection of photographs including U.S. Route 1 bridges and the Maine Turnpike.

MBTA Commuter Rail - Newburyport/Rockport Line Modified 2 July 2002

I took new pictures last week in Rowley and Newburyport and added them to my Newburyport/Rockport collection.

MBTA Commuter Rail - Lowell Line Modified 2 July 2002

While getting Downeaster photographs at Anderson RTC yesterday I snapped a bunch of Commuter Rail shots. I have added a few to my Lowell Line page.

Amtrak Downeaster Modified 1 July 2002

On 1 July 2002 the Amtrak Downeaster began scheduled stops at Anderson Regional Transportation Center in Woburn. I've added some pictures of the occasion to the Downeaster page.

Route 9 and 202 Relocation - Hillsborough, New Hampshire Added 9 June 2002

This project is the construction of a new bypass relocating Route 9 and 202 to the north of Hillsborough. The project should be nearing completion now.

9 June 2002 - Today I added another 200 photographs to the database including a large number of recent Route 3 photographs and a bunch from northern New Hampshire. Check the following pages for new photographs:

Kancamagus Highway

Route 16 and White Mountain Highway

Route 3 - Before and After

Franconia Notch Parkway

Interstate 93 - New Hampshire

Interstate 93 - North of Boston

MBTA Commuter Rail - Reading/Haverhill Line

MBTA Commuter Rail - Lowell Line Modified 7 April 2002

Here are some new train photos that I took last year. Nearly every other page has been updated with something by now, and the photo database now has nearly all of my pictures taken since last April.

5 April 2002 - More updates:

Route 2

U.S. Route 1

3 April 2002 - I've added another 100 or so photographs to the database, including some new ones of Route 2 which will soon appear in an updated Route 2 page. I've updated a lot of the old pages including the following:

Interstate 495

Storrow Drive

Charles River Bridge

Frederic E. Everett Turnpike

Frederic E. Everett Turnpike/Interstate 93

Franconia Notch Parkway

Franconia Notch Parkway From Above

Interstate 93 - North of Concord

Route 2, Route 1 and the Route 3 pages are next to be updated with new photos.

NBI Bridge Database Modified 24 March 2002.

The bridge detail record pages should now be working for all six New England states, including Connecticut and Maine. The detail record query engine for Connecticut and Maine had been busted for months. It's fixed now, so go look up all those crazy bridges on I-84 and the Parkways.

Interstate 95, Massachusetts Modified 24 March 2002.

I've just added a few new photos to this page. Especially interesting are pictures of the remaining examples of the unusual steel railings that adorned the new overpasses constructed during the 1970s widening project.

I've also been changing many of the other road pages lately, have a look around. The Sullivan Square Viaduct page is interesting. The new format lets me display more pictures. There's more work to do though.

Interstate 393 Modified 10 March 2002.

I've added a couple hundred more pictures to the database, mostly April-June 2001, all now accessible via the query form. Pages are being converted to the faster-loading type, more will follow I-393.

3 March 2002 - Time has not been kind to me. Tonight I finally added some pictures and started updating some old, slow-loading pages. I'm picking up where I left off in December, there's more to come...

Route 3 Before and After Modified 3 March 2002.

The Route 3 Before and After pages have some new pics, more to come soon.

Route 128 Modified 3 March 2002.

The Route 128 pages have been updated with a few new pictures, more to come.

Rail Modified 3 March 2002.

Added some new train pics. Lots more on the way soon.

Photo Query Added 3 March 2002.

Here it is! This is the beta version of my photo search utility, and the slightly improved version is nearly done. To use it, just fill in any of the input fields, like keyword="MBTA" or place="Reading", use your imagination. My pages link to only about a third of the pics I have here, but this query can dig out most of the rest. If you use the query, be sure to email me to let me know if it's working OK (there are still problems).

Spaulding Turnpike Added 10 February 2002.

Here are a number of scenic photographs of the Spaulding Turnpike.

Route 16 Added 10 February 2002.

This is a start to my Route 16 collection. Featured are a handful of locations between the end of the Spaulding Turnpike in Milton and Ossipee. Included are a number of views of a section of Route 16 abandoned in the early 1980s when the Spaulding Turnpike opened.

MBTA Wildcat Branch Added 15 January 2002.

This is an enhanced page of photos of the Wildcat Branch, a short rail connector between the Reading/Haverhill and Lowell MBTA Commuter Rail lines in Wilmington. The new Downeaster uses this route as does a small number of express commuter trains and the NHN gravel train to Boston Sand and Gravel.

The updates are almost done. The photo query should be up Real Soon Now (TM). I have nearly finished automating the entire process of adding new material so I can spend more time taking pictures instead of writing HTML and cropping images. Once the huge backlog of new pictures gets through this pipeline watch for new pages featuring Route 3, many locations in New Hampshire and also the kick-off of with some photos of Route 1 and the new and old Bath bridges.

Amtrak Downeaster Added 18 December 2001.

Amtrak's Downeaster service between Boston and Portland began revenue service on 15 December and provides four round trips every day. I took some pictures of revenue runs on the 15th and 16th and put them here.

National Bridge Inventory - Photos! Modified 28 November 2001.

As I continue work on the new databases, photographs are being added to the Bridge Inventory result detail pages. If a picture of the queried bridge exists, it will display with the bridge information on the page. Here is a sample bridge detail output page. Hundreds of bridge images are in the database now and hundreds more are being added. Coming soon are image queries and indexing.

National Bridge Inventory - Place Names and Route Signs Modified 25 November 2001.

New changes I've made to the bridge database query engine include the display of route signs and place names in the results output, something that will make browsing the output records much easier. Also, for convenience, place names and route numbers are links, just like in the detail record pages. The detail pages showing the bridge statistics have been improved to display information common to all records that share the selected structure ID, which is useful for displaying traffic counts and other detail about the intersecting features.

Route 2 - Lancaster to French King Bridge Added 19 November 2001.

Here are 29 new photographs of Route 2, taken in various locations between Lancaster and the French King Bridge over the Connecticut River. Route 2 has always been one of my favorite roads, and I have many memories from driving it between Orange and 495 almost weekly for a few years, and also from frequent weekend journeys on the Mohawk Trail. Not only is it rich in history, it is quite photogenic as well.

National Bridge Inventory and Route Number Shields Modified 13 November 2001.

I added the route number shields and a link within NBI result pages to query the returned route number. The route number shields are nearly finished and are intended to be used with the new database under construction, but there was no reason not to add the route shield improvements into my existing code.

World Trade Center Attack Site Modified 11 November 2001.

I found a couple more views of the World Trade Center devastation while going through my 5 October originals. From Rector Street I captured a glimpse of the burned-out shell of Building 5 and a closer view of what remains of the base of the South Tower. These images are the result of some cropping and zooming, but I'm satisfied enough with them to put them online.

New Hampshire Turnpike Modified 8 November 2001.

I've added some new photos to my New Hampshire Turnpike page to get a little new content up online while I work on the scripts and SQL that will improve Massroads and Granitehighways. I won't waste my time creating new pages in the old format. Instead, I'm constructing an image database that will provide fast-loading indexes of image thumbnails based on keyword queries.

Coming Attractions Added 29 October 2001.

I have taken full advantage of October's amazing weather and fall colors to create over 500 new photographs that will be added to Massroads and Granitehighways over the next few months. This preview page shows a small handful of the new photographs from upcoming features. Under construction right now are database and PHP improvements that will allow image querying and indexing and also display photographs in National Bridge Inventory results.

World Trade Center Attack Site Added 8 October 2001.

On Friday I went to Manhattan to see first-hand the destruction of the once-proud World Trade Center towers. Somehow it didn't seem completely real unil I saw the damage in person. I took many photographs and have assembled a picture gallery here, the first exhibit on my new website Loneworld will include a variety of original images and text that I consider interesting enough to share.

Kancamagus Highway Added 8 October 2001.

The scenic Kancamagus Highway was completed in 1959 to provide an east-west route across the White Mountain National Forest and enhance access to campgrounds, overlooks and picnic areas.

Budd RDCs in Lincoln New Hampshire Added 8 October 2001.

A few of the retired ex-MBTA Budd Rail Diesel Cars escaped the scrapper's torch in the early 1990s and have been moved here where they are apparently used as a parts source for RDCs operated by the Hobo and Winnipesaukee Scenic Railroads.

Route 128 - West Modified 1 October 2001.

I'm changing the page layouts to reduce download time and offer more pictures. A collection of thumbnails will be displayed and will offer links to individual full-size photographs. The first page to be tested with this format is the Route 128 West page, and I've added a new photograph to the collection. Let me know if you prefer this new format or the old format.

Huh?!? Bizarre Left-Turn Signal Added 25 September 2001.

This left-turn signal in Billerica Center was recently modified into a dangerous and illegal configuration.

Editorial regarding the 11 September Attack on the United States Added 18 September 2001.

A week after the sickening events of last Tuesday I have pulled myself together enough to control my sorrow and rage and to try to find joy in my daily life. This editorial holds some insight and the first sensible words I've been able to assemble in a few days.

Route 3 Overpass Demolition Added 17 September 2001.

The Locust Avenue overpass over Route 3 is being demolished, and I've got some up-close pictures here.

Route 3 Before and After - Route 113 Overpass Modified 17 September 2001.

Looking northbound from Route 113, the view has changed substantially since May, most notably the Locust Avenue overpass is beginning to disappear from the backdrop.

New Hampshire Turnpike Modified 17 September 2001.

From a small boat on the Piscataqua River, I got some great pictures of the bridges that span the river between Portsmouth and Kittery. I've added the Piscataqua River Bridge and the Sarah Long Bridge to the N.H. Turnpike page.

Route 128 Modified 3 September 2001.

I have expanded my Route 128 pages to include many new photographs from Gloucester to Waltham. If you haven't seen these new photographs, check them out now.

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